Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Miss Sierra is 18 mths old! she was actually 18mths old 3 weeks ago, but we just now got her to the Dr. for her 18mth check up! Just as we expected...she's grown like a weed! Almost 4 inches since her 15mth check up! However, since she has only gained a pound in that same time, her 12 mth clothes are falling off of her! The Dr. says she's healthy and she certainly eats plenty! I guess we'll just be happy that we won't need to buy new fall clothes this year ;)

The Dyl-man also came to the Dr. because he'd been running a low grade fever all weekend. Sure enough he caught a virus at school - "hand, foot, mouth". The bad news first....there's nothing he can take for it, it may last up to 2 weeks, it's very contagious, and its very very painful! The good news....well he's acting perfectly fine for now!

In the meantime, Dylan is heading out to Columbus with Maw-maw, Tyler and Aunt Stac on Thursday. They are going to spend a couple days with Uncle John and Aunt Marie and will check out the Cbus zoo which we've heard so much about! After that Grandma and Grandpa Smith will be up and we'll all go to the Rea Family Picnic to see everyone mommy works with. Sunday...if the nasty stinkin virus hasn't ruined all - we will head out for Florida to see the Butlers! (soooo excited)

So everyone cross your fingers and hope my kids have super immune systems so the nasty daycare germs don't ruin our super fun vacation :)

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