Thursday, July 30, 2009

My sick child...hmmm

So apparently Dylan is sick...has this "very painful"'s a short video of him last night...what do you think?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Miss Sierra is 18 mths old! she was actually 18mths old 3 weeks ago, but we just now got her to the Dr. for her 18mth check up! Just as we expected...she's grown like a weed! Almost 4 inches since her 15mth check up! However, since she has only gained a pound in that same time, her 12 mth clothes are falling off of her! The Dr. says she's healthy and she certainly eats plenty! I guess we'll just be happy that we won't need to buy new fall clothes this year ;)

The Dyl-man also came to the Dr. because he'd been running a low grade fever all weekend. Sure enough he caught a virus at school - "hand, foot, mouth". The bad news first....there's nothing he can take for it, it may last up to 2 weeks, it's very contagious, and its very very painful! The good news....well he's acting perfectly fine for now!

In the meantime, Dylan is heading out to Columbus with Maw-maw, Tyler and Aunt Stac on Thursday. They are going to spend a couple days with Uncle John and Aunt Marie and will check out the Cbus zoo which we've heard so much about! After that Grandma and Grandpa Smith will be up and we'll all go to the Rea Family Picnic to see everyone mommy works with. Sunday...if the nasty stinkin virus hasn't ruined all - we will head out for Florida to see the Butlers! (soooo excited)

So everyone cross your fingers and hope my kids have super immune systems so the nasty daycare germs don't ruin our super fun vacation :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The "new" clubhouse!

We've been looking for a slide for the kids, but couldn't really find one we liked. Since we already had a make-shift platform in our backyard Paw-paw and Daddy's spent last weekend on its transformation into a clubhouse for the kids. So far I am very impressed! We still need to sand everything down and stain it, but in the meantime the kids are enjoying it. We hope to add extras to it over time and someday add a true clubhouse on it. In the meantime Dylan is loving the slide and the other night took a pile of toys up there and played for hours! Sissy's not too sure about the slide...she flies all around the inside since she's so light, but she'll be big enough before we know it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Last full day of fun in Cinci! We had a great time at enterTRAINment junction in West Chester. This new train museum could have kept us entertained for hours! Those of you who know how much Dylan LOVES trains can imagine! We had to drag him out when it closed at 6. The museum was incredible and the pics don't even begin to capture all the detail. The kids also loved the play area and all the Thomas the Train goodies!

Last but not least....mommy and daddy got a kids-free date night! Dinner, the comedy club...and a little peace and quiet :)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Day Seven - more fun poolside with Aunt Jennifer and Brayden!

Don't worry...kid friendly daiquiri's!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Day Six: Boating
The boys tubing with Daddy and Grandma...mommy wanted to go but Sierra wouldn't let me out of the boat. The boys kept wanting to go faster and faster - they did great!

Yeah...we're in trouble with this one!

For rent: Experienced boat hand

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Day Five: Kings Island

Dylan did pretty well on the roller coaster...

Didn't do quite as well on Plankton's Plunge...started crying after the first drop! Broke my heart!

Dylan and Brayden - quite the pair!

Dylan liked watching Little Bill before, but now that he has met him in person he LOVES it!

Dylan LOVES Dora...Sierra wasn't really a fan of Dora!

We met spondgebob...Dylan has no idea who spongebob is, but thought the big yellow guy was cool, lol

Before we know it they'll be doing this in a real car!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Day Four: One of my favs! I got to head out to Mitchells in the AM to get my hair done by the magnificent Evan! I love that place and might have to make it a habit of stopping in when we're in Cinci from now on! After getting beautified, I got to have lunch with some of the lovely ladies I used to work with at JRS. Talk about bringing back memories...of course I had to laugh at myself for not being able to find the office that I used work at, lol. It didn't help that there is now a huge hotel and office building sitting in front of it! Meanwhile, the kids played at the park with Daddy and Grandma and then we all hit the pool for the afternoon! What a great relaxing day!

Dylan enjoying the slide - with Daddy's help

Getting braver - doing the slide "MYSELF"

Oops - underwater

No problem - let's go again!

The grillmasters!