Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome Summer!

I really dislike these little pools...but the Dyl-man LOVES to swim so we now have one of our own. I've tried to hide it on our patio...need a few plants for full camouflage...Dylan doesn't seem too worried about it though does he?

Little Man's Best Friend

Nothing compares to Little Man's best friend...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brian has a new golf partner...

Brian has had a new partner on the golf course! As you can see...this little man takes the game VERY seriously!

A week off work does the body good!

Enjoying the car-park at Knight's Field

Sierra throwing her tantrum at the car park, lol

A day at the AmaZone ...

Dylan and Brayden enjoying the Reds game!

Dylan enjoyed all the home runs and fireworks...we don't see that as much here in Cleveland!

Sierra didn't really get into the game too much...but enjoyed reading books with Grandma

Sierra is finally enjoying Grandma's pool a little...

Milk and cookies to relax from a day in the sun...

The kids enjoying daddy's new bicycle cart!