Thursday, August 27, 2009

Attention stores - stock up on shoes and accessories! Another Butler girl has been born!

~ Willow Grayce ~
Born on 8-26-09
@ 4:30 PM
in Flager Hospital, St. Augustine, Florida
7lbs 9 oz. - 20.5 in. long
Congratulations Jill, Ryan and Scarlett! We can't wait to meet her!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

End of Summer Days!

I got a letter from day care this week - the kids are moving to their new classes on Monday.

WHAT?....where did our summer go? Where did the year go? Sierra's not old enough to leave the infant class!!! Enclosed was Dylan's class schedule. After breakfast and morning announcements he'll be having math, science and then social studies. What? Is he in the 3rd grade or daycare? He also has a supplies list a mile long. I thought I would get to avoid back to school shopping for atleast 2 more years! It is all a little bittersweet.... I LOVE each phase he grows into and I LOVE all the activities they do with the kids, but my baby boy is not old enough, right? And my baby girl is certainly not old enough to be a "Little Bunny" Can't we just keep her a "Cuddly Kitten" for little while longer??? Next thing I know I'll be buying prom shoes!

Nonetheless, they still start their new classes on Monday. They had wonderful teachers this year. Miss Ashley even made a scrapbook for Dylan detailing each week of the year with photos and artwork. What a treasure! Although I know there a few tough weeks ahead has everyone gets adjusted to new classes and new schedules, I am sure we will be just as attached to the next set of teachers. And while it saddens me to see them growing up so fast, I will just treasure these days while they still cling to me when I leave and jump for joy when I return!!! Before I know it they will be asking me to drop them off a block away!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jaquet Reunion

The heat didn't scare us away! On that hot hot Sunday a few weeks ago, all the Jaquet's gathered at the pond for the annual reunion! Always a great time to catch up with everyone.
Here you can see Maw-maw entertaining the kiddos so we can enjoy all the yummy food!

And Little Miss Landri cooling off in the pool. This is Kevin and Ashley's little doll-baby, can you get any cuter?

And The Boys.....splashing in the pool long after the party was over...

Friday, August 7, 2009


On Wednesday, we headed out early to Idlewild Park! It was PERFECT for Dylan. He could ride every ride there and hardly ever had to wait in line. He and Daddy started off with a bang on the big ferris wheel!

Dylan was a bit nervous at first (I think Daddy was too), but after a few times around they settled in and had some fun!

Next, all four of rode the balloon ride....around and around and around....ugh

After that one, mommy and daddy decided it was time to go do the kiddy land so we didn't have to ride for awhile!

On the way to kiddy land we rode through Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Of course Dylan and Sierra have no idea who Mr. Rogers is, but they found the trolley ride intriguing nonetheless.

Dylan has obviously been watching Daddy and Grandpa drive the boat - great form!

Sierra wasn't very fond of the rides....however she was fond of the chips!

Storybook Forest - This fairytale land was based on the mothergoose rhymes! Dylan had a blast exploring each scene. Sierra would have loved it too, but slept through the whole thing!

Daddy even got in on some of the fun too!

We bought a picture from the park for this ride! The panic on Dylan's face is priceless-I still need to try and scan it in to post.

Sierra spent most of her day flirting with every person that walked by!

What a great day! Verdict - Idlewild is an excellent affordable get away for a family with toddlers!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Off to PA

Tuesday we packed up and headed to PA for a little getaway at Idlewild Park. We had intended to head to the park for a few hours that night, but since Dylan decided to wait until the last 3min. of the 3 hour drive to go to sleep we opted out. Instead we hung out at the hotel, ordered room service and played in the pool. Ahhh...relaxing!

Actually the kids would have been happy just staying at the hotel! They had a blast jumping on the beds and bouncing off the walls! They even slept through the night!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, we may not have made it to Florida, but our Stay-cation was still tons of fun! After all, even the worst day of vacation is still better than the best day at work, right?
We got started on Sunday with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Smith! We thought Chuck E Cheese would be good place to start our Stay-cation fun!

Dylan had blast - played on everything he could!

Sierra wasn't very interested in riding anything, but enjoyed the pizza :)

At the end of the day, Dylan took all his tickets up to be redeemed for a toy. Unfortunately, he did not have enough tickets to get the snake that he wanted. Daddy came to the rescue by earning extra tickets through a few games of football toss...yep he's still got it in him :)