Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Catch Up Post

Finally, a summer blog update! We've been busy!
The most exciting part of our summer has been the news that Lord willing, Baby Smith #4 will be arriving in February! The kids are so excited, as are mom & dad!
 Dylan played T-ball at Grace this year. He did great and he loves to play...although T-ball wasn't quite "real" enough for his liking. He's looking forward to coach's pitch next year.

 Grandma and Grandpa took a long weekend to come up and catch a game.

Cooling off at the spray ground...Savannah wasn't very interested in the sprinklers yet, but enjoyed sunbathing and snacking...

 Our Grace Group had a family get together at the Leach's which included several minute to win it family games. A fun time was certainly had by all!

 Sierra prepping Dad for the cottonball race

 Dylan shook the bottle so hard they fell apart...

 Sierra attempting the oreo cookie race...
 And the mom's racing to shake the ping pong balls out of their kleenex boxes...the video is better but I'm not sure I'm willing to share that one :) BTW - I won!

 The kids had a blast (as always) at bible school! Here is a pic of the Friday night program...although your guess is as good as mine where they are in there...
 We spent the 4th in Columbus with family..despite the off and on rain we had a great picnic at the park, dinner with MawMaw, PawPaw & Aunt Stac, and got to watch a great fireworks show at Worthington Hills Country Club. The highlight for the kids was that Cleo was allowed to stay at the hotel with us and they got to sleep on a fold out couch! :)

 Cleo was the highlight of our picnic!

Savannah waiting patiently for breakfast at Bob Evans!

 4th of July getaway to Grandma & Grandpa's!
 Someone swiped a Marshmallow!

 Can't have a summer party without S'mores!

 Looks like we have a new little fish!

 Even rainy days are fun at Grandma & Grandpa's!

 Playing at the park with Aunt Jennifer and Leah while the boys golf...
 Monkey see, monkey do...

 Monster Golf..more rainy day fun!

We LOVED the zoo with the Knackstedts!!! Thanks for being our tour guide Liz! Even if we did insist on seeing EVERY animal!

 We wrapped up our adventure with a trip to Cedar Point. Rea & Associate's family picnic was Saturday and the kids had a blast! Had to take in the beach quick, as our picnic lunch was overlooking the water.

 Look close and you'll see Savannah's giving a big thumbs up for the train ride!

 Savannah was our little adventurer...she wanted to ride EVERYTHING! No fear in this girl! Daddy is excited that he might have a roller coaster buddy someday afterall!

 I don't think that girl next to D is enjoying this ride as much as he is, lol.
Finally, Dylan did get on another roller coaster. We worried after our last incident at Kings Island. Look closely, I think he's actually smiling!

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